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Distributing CSM to Team members

Since we are working with only little personal funding, CSM distributed now are payments in lieu of salary. To account for the risk taken, the team members get 2 times the CSM at actual valuation of their usual payment.

Example 1:
The lead dev (Chris) worked 20 hours in the last week. His usual salary would be ~$45+ per hour or $900.
At a valuation of $0.3/CSM he will receive 6000  CSM ($900×2 = $1800/0.3 CSM = 6000 CSM).

Example 2:
The 3D designer (Abi) created assets like buildings, icons etc he usually charges $200 for.
At a valuation of $0.3/CSM he will receive 1333.33 CSM ($200×2 = $400/0.3 CSM = 1333.33 CSM).

After receiving funding from Stellar through the SCF, team members can opt to receive part of their ‘salary’ in anchorUSD instead of CSM shares. However in this case they will only receive double valuation for the part they receive in anchorUSD.

The lead dev (Chris) worked 20 hours in the last week. His usual salary would be ~$45 per hour or $900. He decides to receive half in anchorUSD and half in CSM.
At a valuation of $0.3/CSM he will receive 3000  CSM ($450×2 = $900/0.3 CSM = 3000 CSM) and $450 in anchorUSD.

The Team accounts are:

Lead Developer:

Lead Designer:

Social Media/Communication:

Game Design/Documentation/Initiator:



The distribution of CSM can be seen here on

CSM will be available for public sale in the future to fund development, representing a share in the game, eligible to receive shares of the profit/dividends. Team members will receive CSM according to valuation of CSM on anchorUSD/CSM pairing.

Expectations for City States: Medieval

To receive some early feedback from the possible future player base, we posted in AndroidGaming with a very bare-bones early build and vague explanation of what we are planning to develop. The reception was very positive and (considering the early state of the project) eclipsed our expectations.

Going forward, we started to add social channels like reddit, TwitterDiscordInstagramFacebook, and Trello to slowly grow our presence.

Outside our own and related circles like the Stellar sub, we have been silently working on the game. Once we have a working demo to test, we are hopeful to get covered by the majority of gaming and crypto-related media outlets. A game with its market on ‘blockchain’ where you can actually earn crypto will sure attract some headlines.

Some of the buildings used in City States: Medieval

As a free “mobile first” game (with additional releases on desktop and browser-based), without the usual Pay-2-Win mechanics, we expect at least 250,000 installs in the first six months after full release. Our aim is to be an alternative to titles like Lords Mobile (50+ million installs), March of Empires (10+ million installs), Lords & Knights (5+ million installs) and similar (installs for Android only).

After beta-testing with investors and early fans, the game will be soft-launched. This means that it will be available only in certain countries at first, then slowly rolling out to more.

With more than 15 years of experience in marketing online projects, we have some tricks up our sleeve we won’t reveal to the greater public just yet.

CSM Equity Token Sale

To finance development of our game City States: Medieval, we decided to sell shares in the game. The supply is limited to 1,000,000 tokens total. Only 10,000 of these are sold in the initial offering. The price is fix at $0.5/CSM.

10,000 CSM at $0.50 ($5,000)

Additional rounds will only be held if more liquidity is needed to finish the games development and only at higher valuations.

Buy CSM on StellarPort with AnchorUSD.

Eligibility of dividends:

  • Stellar accounts that hold at least $50 worth of CSM (~334 CSM)
  • Dividends will be paid monthly after the game has been released.
  • Dividends will be calculated from earnings after tax.
  • Shares don’t hold any other rights (voting, decision process etc).
  • Requirements may be adjusted in the future.

Only $5,000?

Since the team is confident in the success of the game, only little will be used to support individuals and most of us are compensated for their contribution with CSM shares. However, bills need to be paid and so we may raise additional funds through small offerings, raising the price per CSM as the development progresses.

Due to the Stellar Community Fund, we also have some cash-reserves we can tap into if needed. Basically, this token sale is to put us on the map, not essentially the need for more funding.

We wanted to emphasize that this is not a grab for money but a sincere effort to financially secure development of the game.

What are the funds raised used for?

Besides partial financial support of team-members, there are some tasks we want to hire professionals to assist us. Especially the database structure and server set up which is a different kind of beast for server side multiplayer games.

What if $5,000 is not enough to finish the game?

In this case we have two options:

  • Fundraiser/Kickstarter
    Even if not completely finished, the game development will be far enough to have at least a playable beta version. There are several platforms to raise funds without giving away equity to polish a game (indiegogo, kickstarter).
  • Second CSM Equity Token Sale
    Since we are only offering 1% of equity at this stage, there is a possibility to raise more funding in later rounds at a much higher valuation and with a partner like or

Why no CSM <-> XLM pairing?

We don’t want to speculate with the money raised, and with the recent downtrend of XLM we might end up with less than we need. To not be victim of possible price fluctuations, we decided to raise in AnchorUSD instead. If token holders decide to trade the token against XLM or other pairings, they are free to do so.

If you are not familiar with Stellar or the SDEX:
How to buy the CSM token with BTC, ETH etc

Also read about the Distribution of CSM to Team members

The HEX Token

The HEX token was born out of necessity to trade in-game resources without opening the game to manipulation of price and supply. HEX is an utility token, not an investment!

While speculators might be inclined to trade HEX against other tokens it should be made clear that the supply is not fixed. If the market demands substantial more HEX, we can opt to create more to balance demand and supply on the market.

For equity-like investments please wait for the limited CSM Equity Token Sale which functions as a share of the game and is eligible to receive future dividends.

That being said is HEX not going to be used to dump on the markets for personal gains. We want to see the value of HEX grow over time but in a controlled manner instead of moonshots and dumps. We are not planning to sell HEX for less than $0.03 and we are using revenue of HEX sold to set up buy back orders to also stabilize the price on the downside.

HEX basically serves as the currency of this world. Just like the USD in the USA or the Euro in the Euro-zone. It represents the strength of the games economy and can find its worth independently from other currencies.

The total supply of 1,000,000,000 HEX is completely arbitrary and won’t ever go into circulation.

HEX is primarily sold by us for AnchorUSD and is easiest accessed through HEX <-> AnchorUSD
Interstellar: HEX <-> AnchorUSD

Offers on XLM pairings are adjusted to reflect the USD worth of XLM.
HEX <-> XLM pairs on: StellarX, StellarPort, Insterstellar, StellarTerm

Pegging HEX to USD will have an effect similar to a stablecoin.