Expectations for City States: Medieval

To receive some early feedback from the possible future player base, we posted in AndroidGaming with a very bare-bones early build and vague explanation of what we are planning to develop. The reception was very positive and (considering the early state of the project) eclipsed our expectations.

Going forward, we started to add social channels like reddit, TwitterDiscordInstagramFacebook, and Trello to slowly grow our presence.

Outside our own and related circles like the Stellar sub, we have been silently working on the game. Once we have a working demo to test, we are hopeful to get covered by the majority of gaming and crypto-related media outlets. A game with its market on ‘blockchain’ where you can actually earn crypto will sure attract some headlines.

Some of the buildings used in City States: Medieval

As a free “mobile first” game (with additional releases on desktop and browser-based), without the usual Pay-2-Win mechanics, we expect at least 250,000 installs in the first six months after full release. Our aim is to be an alternative to titles like Lords Mobile (50+ million installs), March of Empires (10+ million installs), Lords & Knights (5+ million installs) and similar (installs for Android only).

After beta-testing with investors and early fans, the game will be soft-launched. This means that it will be available only in certain countries at first, then slowly rolling out to more.

With more than 15 years of experience in marketing online projects, we have some tricks up our sleeve we won’t reveal to the greater public just yet.

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