How to buy the CSM token with BTC, ETH etc

If you have never held an account on Stellar, this is the easiest way to buy CSM:

    • First you need to buy XLM on an exchange like binance.
    • Go to and create a wallet using username/password and save your password recovery phrase.
    • Select to deposit XLM to activate your wallet and send the XLM from binance to the wallet shown on the next page.
    • As soon as the transaction is confirmed by binance, the XLM will be available on Stellarport immediately.
    • Click on ‘Exchange’ at the top, then enter anchorusd in the search bar
  • Select the USD <-> XLM pair and buy as much USD as you want to invest into CSM. Make sure to have at least 1 XLM left as a base reserve.
  • You now have the stable coin needed to buy CSM via the CSM <-> USD pair.