Roadmap and Progress

This page is a work in progress and will be updated as needed.

Since we are still working on City States in our spare time, our roadmap doesn’t sport specific dates for milestones. This will change when financial support is secured. However, even though we can’t go full time yet, the development progress at this point is already much further than we expected ourselves.

Roadmap and Progress May 2019:

We hope to release a new build this month to showcase the new features that have been implemented.

In the last week, we extended our social presences, building the base to reach more potential players in the future. The fundamentals to run an airdrop and bounty program have been set, meant to stimulate promotion and purchase of both tokens and raise awareness for the project.

  • Release new build
    A new early build will be released, available to download and test by members of our new Discord as an incentive to join the channel.
  • Post in diverse reddit subs
    Targeting the immediate market of Android and iOS gamers with a short video of the new build, screenshots of 3D models while promoting our social presences.
  • Fundraiser Foundation
    Setting up the foundation to raise funds via token sale. Writing articles on blog and Medium, submission to bounty and airdrop websites.
Roadmap and Progress June 2019:
  • Start of bounty program