The HEX Token

The HEX token was born out of necessity to trade in-game resources without opening the game to manipulation of price and supply. HEX is an utility token, not an investment!

While speculators might be inclined to trade HEX against other tokens it should be made clear that the supply is not fixed. If the market demands substantial more HEX, we can opt to create more to balance demand and supply on the market.

For equity-like investments please wait for the limited CSM Equity Token Sale which functions as a share of the game and is eligible to receive future dividends.

That being said is HEX not going to be used to dump on the markets for personal gains. We want to see the value of HEX grow over time but in a controlled manner instead of moonshots and dumps. We are not planning to sell HEX for less than $0.03 and we are using revenue of HEX sold to set up buy back orders to also stabilize the price on the downside.

HEX basically serves as the currency of this world. Just like the USD in the USA or the Euro in the Euro-zone. It represents the strength of the games economy and can find its worth independently from other currencies.

The total supply of 1,000,000,000 HEX is completely arbitrary and won’t ever go into circulation.

HEX is primarily sold by us for AnchorUSD and is easiest accessed through HEX <-> AnchorUSD
Interstellar: HEX <-> AnchorUSD

Offers on XLM pairings are adjusted to reflect the USD worth of XLM.
HEX <-> XLM pairs on: StellarX, StellarPort, Insterstellar, StellarTerm

Pegging HEX to USD will have an effect similar to a stablecoin.

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